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Best advices for wedding planning in 2021

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Best advices for wedding planning in 2021, read the best advices for your wedding planning for 2021. The challenges, the benefits and recommendations to create an action plan.

There are so much more to take into consideration when planning a wedding in pandemic times, than only to keep a distance, provide hand sanitizers and to have space in your seating arrangements.

Camilla and Matt celebrated their wedding weekend at Elisefarm Golf Club in Höör, Skåne, in the end of August 2020. Since the wedding couple planned and realized their wedding during the current pandemic they have several important advices to share with couples planning a 2021 wedding.

Before Covid-19, we had both defined what kind of wedding we really wanted, a party where everyone laughed and had fun. Don’t look at others weddings. Ask yourself what it is you really want with your wedding. Is it to get married in front the your family? Is it glamour or tradition? Never let go of that baseline, you will receive so many opinions and hear about traditions that you Have to have.

Now we realize how lucky we where with our wedding and we are thrilled we could make it. We had a wonderful wedding, even though not all guests could make it and the brother of the bride was stuck in Norway. We both agree that we will have another party at another time where we will celebrate all night.

The biggest challenges with planning a wedding during an pandemic

Was definitely our nerves, and the thoughts and advices from friends and family. Several times we thought about cancelling and it brought us to tears – we really wanted to get married. It was Matts family that made us go though with it. They had been quarantined in the UK so many months, and they really wanted to come over to Sweden and needed something to look forward to. They wanted a party. We all agreed to take care of each other and be respectful.

The best advices for an action plan during wedding planning a wedding in 2021

First and foremost we sat down to build scenarios based on the situation at the current time. And the rules that where present at the time for our wedding. We had invited many guests from different countries and Matts family came from the UK. We called all guests from other countries that where supposed to attend our wedding. So we know who could be in quarantine when they got back home and to see if they where comfortable attending. Several guests are residents outside of the European Union and/or have close family that are belonging to risk groups. And we told them that we will visit them when the pandemic has ended. So now we have travel plans to make to Australia, Hawaii, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, the UK and Örnsköldsvik.

After that we went through all contracts, to see if we could reschedule and when the last date for rescheduling was. We discussed flexibility with the venue where we had the celebration and also stayed the entire wedding weekend. And we agreed on terms that worked. The financial risk we had to take separately. It was potentially thousands SEK we would have to pay if the worst scenario would happen. However we decided that we where willing to take that risk.

Covid-adapted wedding planning

After that we organized for more distance between the tables. We did not use any long table, where it would be hard to pass by. Instead we had round tables with a reduced number of chairs around them. Everyone got served by their tables. The dance floor was spacious. We also went through the games planned for outdoor during the wedding reception, and thought about distance and contact between guests.

During the outdoor ceremony the chairs had a lot of space between them to create even more distance between the guests. Finally hand sanitizers where placed everywhere.

Benefits of planning a wedding during a pandemic

The benefits of planning a wedding during a pandemic with shifting circumstances was that we ray of hopes in the middle of everything. And we got to be creative in a whole different way. For example, my hairdresser got symptoms two days before the wedding and could not cut my hair. In less than two hours, I found another hairdresser that could do it instead.

What was some of the best moments with your wedding weekend and your wedding day?

There are not words to describe it. One moment was to see my mother getting make up and her hair done. The light surrounding her, the smile on her face. She told me the last time she got that done was thirty years earlier, on her wedding day.

There are so many images from moments when it dawned on me, I realized our wedding was happening, it was no longer a dream. One moment like that, was during the outdoor wedding ceremony when we where standing with our foreheads leaning against each other, my husband and I, and just laughed. We where so caught in our emotions that when the ceremony was finished, we did not know what to do. Laughing, I had to ask my bridesmaids what we where supposed to do. They looked sincerely surprised and said; just go down the altar passage.

Best advices for wedding planning 2021

If you are planning a wedding for 2021. Think in scenarios and risks. But don’t forget what kind of wedding you are dreaming of. Is it possible to get what’s most important for you in every scenario? What do you, financially, have the possibility to do? Everyone might not get a vaccine before the summer. Instead of one giant party, maybe you can have several celebrations. We are very keen on having a grand party again in a couple of years where everyone celebrates again.

Anna has been an absolute wonder to work with and we’re unbelievably grateful we had her to capture our special day. A professional in every sense of the word, nothing was too much trouble and she made us feel both at ease the entire time.

She was passionate, caring and full of energy to make sure almost every moment was captured. Her cameras were always in action and she knew exactly where the best locations of the venue were and the times of day to get the most suitable lighting and atmosphere.
Her lovely welcome and final photo packages had such attention to detail that we couldn’t help but feel our memories would be taken care of. We’ve honestly been blown away by everything she’s done for us.
Thanks a million Anna, from us and our guests you’re an absolute star!

Photographer: Anna Lundgren | Wedding Ceremony and Event Venue: Elisefarm | Floral Design: Blomsterkompaniet  | Jewellery: Lora Leedham | Hair & Makeup: Melinda Galant  | Wedding cake and Cupcakes: Rosie’s the cake studio

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