I'm Anna and I'm so happy you are here!

I'm sure we got a lot in common you and I - share the love for travel, to learn new skills and to keep our souls thriving.

Searching for something more, something beautiful, meaningful.

I want to capture the moments, the moments in between the moments and the feelings you share with those who are dear to you.

You should look at your wedding album and feel the love that surrounded you on your wedding day. Let the feelings from your day rinse over you as you feel the soft texture of the pages with your fingertips.

Sending a thankful thought that you can relive those moments time after time.

A curious wedding photographer

framing moments you relive

We are so incredibly happy and grateful that you chose us.

Not least because you have been so very helpful, welcoming, professional and so warming throughout the process!

You are a great person and such a great photographer! Super nice pictures!

"so helpful, welcoming and professional"

kimmya + steven
rosendals värdshus


My family

Delicate flowers

Kalix, Swedish Lapland

my favorite things

Thank you so much for a wonderfully fun day!

Despite the cold in the middle of the winter, you managed to get heat, not only in the images, but also in our bodies and souls.

A true visual artist!

"a true visual artist"

cecilia + jimmy
winter archipelago

Now were starting the planning of your magnificent wedding day. I'm like a little planner for you (in case you don't have one) and I gladly help to set the tone through a wedding moodboard based on your preferences. We plan your pre-wedding photos and you receive a style guide with my best advices for lovely pre-wedding images you will love to frame.

let's roll!


The wedding day is here - I can't wait to get started framing those emotional moments from when you get ready, through the first look, portraits and ceremony. To the bridal toast, family formals, reception and wedding dinner including all detail shots. 



By signing the contract and invest 50% of the value you have assured your date and a lovely booking package in on it's way to you.

Make it official


So, we're taking a coffee - digital or in a café to talk all things wedding.

I wanna hear all your lovely plans so far.

time for coffee


Please make an inquire for your wedding date.

If I'm available - awesome. We're on the road to magnificent.



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