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Grythyttans Gästgivaregård: Elopement wedding

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An intimate elopement wedding where the couple had a first look at the castle in town. A civil ceremony at the town hall. And later a wedding dinner at an elegant boutique hotel from the 17th century with an award winning kitchen.

After spending months of planning their wedding at a mansion with an outdoor ceremony in the mansion garden. Carin and Oskar had to redo all their wedding plans in just 1.5 month.

They wanted to get married on their original date in early May. And we got a beautiful and warm early summer day filled with sunshine. The result was a very romantic elopement wedding filled with personal details with green as the main wedding theme color.

Bride and groom portraits at castle during elopement destination wedding

Challenges with replanning a whole wedding in 1.5 months?

Carin says; already in early February Oskar mentioned that they should look over the wedding planning due to the situation in the world. Something Carin was not too keen on to listen to.

However they sat down and went through all contracts. To know how long they could keep the original plans. Before they had to reschedule.

Carin continues; a lot of information was communicated from different authorities and many events where cancelled during the spring. Once it was a fact that we would have to rebook our wedding it felt a little easier.

A more tedious task was to go through the guest list and decide who was still going to be invited. And to call everyone that unfortunately would no longer be allowed to attend our wedding.

Personal details throughout the wedding

Make up and the beautiful hair updo with the delicate freesia bianca was done by Amanda at L:a Kvarteret. The freesia bianca was central in both Carins updo as well as in Oskars boutonnieres and was a suggestion from the florists at Varberga Florist in Örebro. The instruction they had received from the couple was to make a colorful bouquet with a lot of different flowers included.

The wedding bands where designed and made by Wild Light Designs in consultation with the couple and symbolizes a starry sky. Carin wasn’t keen on white stones in her ring and since her dads favorite color was blue, they decided to go with blue stones. On the inside of Oskars ring the same starry sky, without the stones, are designed to connect the rings. The gold used for the rings was gifted from Carins mothers jewels.

One of the highlights of the day was booked one week before the wedding. When the couple found Pär Öhrnberg and his 1962 Ford Anglia (the obvious choice for a huge Harry Potter fan as the bride). The bride arrived to the first look site at Örebro Castle in the Ford Anglia and later the bride and groom continued together to the Town hall of Örebro to all the guests excitement and applauds.

Bride getting ready with hair updo and makeup

Wedding rings with stones on weddingday

Wedding transportation in Ford Anglia  (Harry Potter car)
Groom preparation wedding portraits

Örebro Town Hall elopement wedding

The elopement wedding ceremony took place in a magnificent room in Örebro Town hall. Where the gathered friends and family toasted to the couple and witnessed the newly weds first dance.

The happy couple and their lovely guests continued to the charming bailey of Örebro castle for the family and group portraits.

Carins wedding dress was from Bröllopsbruket and from the beginning she was supposed to have a long veil to it. When the location for the wedding shifted, they decided to go with a shorter veil to better suit the environment.

Elopement civil wedding ceremony toast and first dance

Bride and groom portraits at castle during elopement destination wedding

Grythyttans Gästgivaregård

One task that would stand out to be more difficult than planned was to find a solution to the wedding dinner. To create a joyful wedding dinner without being in a crowded restaurant. After discussing many ideas, they decided at Grythyttans Gästgiveri. A decision that left them very happy.

When arriving at the elegant boutique hotel Grythyttans Gästgivaregård, the guests enjoyed afternoon tea and a wine tasting from one of Scandinavia’s most exclusive wine cellars.

In the meantime we explored the picturesque surroundings while taking the bridal portraits in the afternoon sun on the paved roads in the charming village of Grythyttan.

In Oskars boutonniere, a bicycle gear was attached and he also had cyclists on his cuff links. Both since Carins dad loved bicycles and Oskar is very active and trains a lot of triathlon.

After the aperitif in one of the salons with creaking floorboards in the 1700th century hotel. The intimate wedding party continued to a chambre séparée to start the wedding dinner.

Green recurred in the satin ribbon of the wedding bouquet. Carins says; in the wedding bouquet we attached, with big help from our fantastic photographer. Satin ribbons holding the two charms with the portraits from our dads that sadly passed shortly after one and another, the year before the wedding. In that way, they both got to be a part of our wedding.

Bridal portraits outdoor at charming Swedish village Grythyttan  boutiquehotel

Bride and groom hand in hand after bridal toast

Highlights of replanning your wedding to an intimate elopement wedding in such short amount of time?

Before the whole situation with Covid-19 we had so many thoughts of how the wedding should and would be. At the same time a lot of people around us had many ideas and advices they gladly shared. To sum it up, it was a lot of different opinions to consider.

When we suddenly had to replan the whole wedding in such a short time-frame, there was no longer a possibility to take others opinions and ideas into consideration.

We also had to prioritize our own wishes and only the most important parts for us had to be in focus to decide what the day should look like. The result was that the wedding became so much more of what we as a couple wanted it to be.

When you don’t have the time to listen to everyone else and only go with your gut feeling. We didn’t have time to put energy on all small details, only the things we valued the most. The rest has to solve itself as time went on.

Freesia bianca was also part of the exquisite table flowers.

A testing menu from the award winning kitchen awaited. To take the wedding party on an intimate culinary journey filled with laughers and some tears til the sun set outside the windows.

Wedding dinner table with flower decorations at Grythyttans boutique hotel

Taste menu wedding dinner at Grythyttans boutique hotel during intimate destination elopement wedding
Wedding dinner at Grythyttans boutique hotel during intimate destination elopement wedding

What where some of the highlights of your wedding day?

Carin concludes; we are so happy that the dinner was so lovely. With unity and filled with joy. It was important for us to have a separate room and great food. Both parts Grythyttans Gästgiveri certainly lived up to.

We are also very thankful that we could go through with the wedding. It was a lot of stress to plan, replan and still up until the day before the wedding ponder on if we could really go through with it. That we succeeded with such a great result is something that brings us a lot of joy.

And to our photographer; “Thank you so much for all wonderful images and the help you assisted with during the wedding day. We have received so incredibly nice feedback on the images you have taken, and how you handled everything during the wedding day. We are very grateful for all your job!”

Photographer: Anna Lundgren | Event Venue: Grythyttans Gästgivaregård | Wedding Ceremony Venue: Örebro Rådhus | Floral Design: Varberga Blommor | Wedding Dress: Bröllopsbruket | Jewels: Wild Light Designs | Hair & Makeup: L:a Kvarteret | Transportation: Pär Öhrnberg

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