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go directly to book wedding

You want timeless, classic shots from your wedding and you want to be in the moments on your wedding day. Not having to think about how you look in front of the camera, if things are as they should or to keep track of the schedule.

Below are three of the ways I make sure you can do just that, be present on your wedding day. Letting worries go. Soak in the moments. The day will pass so quickly. After all the efforts you put in to your wedding day. You want to frame it forever. To relive the day again and again.

my three ways for timeless wedding shots


how to frame

You will feel relaxed in front of my camera.

Before your wedding day we have made a pre-wedding shoot together, where I have guided you on site to get the most beautiful shots of the two of you together. You will come to the pre-wedding shoot fully prepared since you will receive my pre-shoot pack to prepare you before our shoot.

I’m calm and easy to be around and I will not ask you to stand in any unnatural positions, I want to capture the beauty of you and the way you interact with each other. I will seize those moments of closeness showing the affection you feel for each other that will evince in your timeless, romantic wedding images.




You want to surround yourself with positive energy on your wedding day. I’m curious, confident and prepared.

I put a lot of effort in finding beautiful photo locations with lovely light and I have planned for both the foreseen and unforeseen for your wedding photos. So you can relax and take in your wedding day.

I will take command at milestones such as first look, the portraits, family formals. Other times I will just take a step back to capture the beauty of all emotions evolving during the day.


so  you can be present

You can be present in the moments during our shoots.

I take care of details such as what to do with your hands, and check that your clothes and hair are where it should be.

So you can grasp the fleeing moments. I will also keep track of our schedule together.



Thank you so much for all wonderful images and the help you assisted with during the wedding day.

We have received so incredibly nice feedback on the images you have taken, and how you handled everything during the wedding day.

We are very grateful for all your job!

"so incredibly nice feedback on the images"

carin + oskar

Anna is a fantastic photographer!

She also made me, who usually is very uncomfortable in front of the camera, feel comfortable.

She eternalized our wedding so beautifully and we are very pleased with everything.

We warmly recommend her!

"She also made me, who usually is very uncomfortable in front of the camera, feel comfortable"

towa + filip

Love filled video glimpses of your wedding day, a timeless wedding moodboard and a pre-wedding shot

For my wedding couples I include a two minute video, with video and images combined, with glimpses of your wedding day. For you to relive all those feelings. 

A timeless wedding theme moodboard for a cohesive wedding style is included. Tell me your wedding vision and dreams and I help craft your wedding theme.

A pre-wedding portrait shot, engagement shot, is a relaxed moment for the two of you where you get beautiful images before the wedding is included.

Inquire with me for a personal wedding proposal. Wedding coverage begins at 17.000 SEK. I love to travel and travel expenses are included. 


timeless, lovefilled images

Are you surprising your loved one by planning a stunning proposal?

I gladly help with you with the styling and create a moodboard to achieve a coherent visual for clothing or a proposal styling.

Or you got that covered and want to capture all those feelings that you want to see over and over again.

Maybe you got engaged the two of you and want tot celebrate it with romantic engagement portraits.

I love to get creative with pre-wedding/engagement shoots and guide you on styling and location to create stunning images.
Coverage starts from 4.000 SEK.

how to make the perfect


Planning an intimate elopement

sigrid renklint

"May I hide some dreams with you?

Some naive and beautiful
which others may laugh at.

I want to let them live
deep inside you."

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So you like what you see. Awesome, I'd love to be your wedding photographer!  Can't wait for your inquire and I will check my availability and get right back to you.

You want to know more of how I resonates around my work or see some frequently asked questions? Click next or the FAQs link below and let me know if you have other things on your mind.

booking your wedding photographer

I have a creative eye framing your wedding day. I will direct where needed and other times just slip around discretely capturing the moments you want to relive and the moments that happened outside of your sight.


I will get your wedding party to relax and we will have a great time together shooting the portraits before your ceremony. That will ease the tension and you will all share a laugh while you get photos you will love to look at and remember the moments just before you officially made the decision to share your life forever.


I'm both tentative, full of initiatives and I work effectivly under stress. I'm not afraid of giving a helping hand, whatever needs to be done, during your wedding day. Above that, I'm patient, attentive and adapts easy to new situations. Quit useful as a wedding photographer.


- a couple of days after your wedding day you will receive some sneakpeak images. I know you will be curios so it's important for me that you get to see some of those lovely glimpses.
- eight weeks after the wedding you will receive the edited images in a personal online gallery. These high-resolution images are yours to download, share and print.
- in your gallery you can heart mark images that you give extra love and would like in a wedding album or as fine art print. I gladly create a wedding album proposal for you if you would like to add that.


- it's time for your wedding- wonderful! I'm full of energy and ready with my cameras (film and digital), batteries, chargers, film, light sources and everything around that to capture all emotions. As well as a beautiful kit for creating amazing flatlays for those details of yours.
- I will know your wedding area and how the light vary in the different locations of it during the day and know where to take our portraits, have the first look and more.    

Wedding day

- we meet for a wedding meeting, talking more about your visions and dreams for your wedding day. We plan for the events during the day and create a wedding day timeline so you can relax and enjoy your wedding day. I give you all my best recommendations for a stressfree wedding day. If you don't have a planner I'd love to help you with a wedding vision moodboard to achieve a cohesive wedding theme.
- I offer a pre-wedding shot to my wedding couples. Before our shoot you will receive my style guide to be best prepared before our shoot. So you will be comfortable in front of the camera and love your high resolution photos that you can frame or share to friends and family via a web gallery. When the wedding day is here you will be confidently assured that I will frame those emotional moments. The tears, the smiles and laughters that you will love year after year.    

Planning is the mother of all good things

- if I'm available your date we meet digitally or physically to talk all things weeding. We get to know each other more and you can ask anything you think of and I get hear your wedding vision. If everyone is happy, we book your date and start planning for awesomeness.
- when the contract is signed and your retainer is booked the date is officially your. Yeay! And a lovely wedding package will be on it's way to you.

All you need is coffee, well almost

- send an unconditionally inquire with date and place by your preffered method; the contact form, scheduling a meeting, a mail or an old fashinoned phone call. I'm based in Stockholm and I love to travel. No travel expenses will be added.
- your planning ahead? Perfect, many couples are booking early in advance, 12-18 months prior to their wedding. But hey, if your'e a spontaneous soul I'd love to make room for you if I possibly can.

You love what you see - lovely make an inquire