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Best winter wedding advices for brides

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Are you a winter bride? Here I share some of my best tips and advices for a winter wedding for brides to keep warm and comfortable. Can you think of something more romantic than a snowy winter wedding? The pale winter sun is peeking above the horizon, making the whirling snow crystals shine to their full glory.

Below I share some of my best recommendations if you are planning your winter wedding. Great, here we go:

  1. First and foremost, dress properly. Invest in a white or light colored jacket, a faux fur, or a cape to have over your dress to keep you warm.

  2. A long sleeve wedding dress is recommended. It will keep you a little bit warmer and you will avoid visible goosebumps on your arms, if these would arise.

  3. Under your dress, you can of course have those romantic feminine lace underwear. Just remember to have a proper wool under garment, or thick tights, in between. No one will see them. Think layer on layer – just as when your’e skiing.

  4. I strongly recommend winter boots for your feet, you do not want to get cold feet’s. They will make you comfortable and warm. You can thank me later.

  5. Hand warmers or heat bags, keep them in your gloves, in your wool under garment or in your shoe sole. They will make you relax and your hands to gently touch your spouse – not grab with freezing fingers.

  6. Bring a thick winter jacket, to take on top of it all when transporting yourself between locations (if several) and to take on if we take a short walk to the portrait session site.

  7. Let’s plan for your portraits before the ceremony, it will be dark quite early when the sun sets – and trust me it sets quickly in the winter.

  8. Candles and sparklers are a joy for the eye. If your’e using sparklers, use extra long ones – they lit up longer and they also makes a nice photo opportunity. 

  9. A hot drink is always appreciated by the wedding party as well as the guests. There are for example light colored sparkling mulled wine. It will not only make you warm from the inside, it will also thaw stiff fingers that get to entwine around something warm. 

  10. Don’t forget to share these recommendations with your loved ones. So they can prepare for your wedding day themselves.
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A true visual artist

Thank you so much for a wonderfully fun day!
Despite the cold in the middle of the winter, you managed to get heat, not only in the images, but also in our bodies and souls.

A true visual artist!


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